Thomas Delemotte

Teaching Fellow

Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Ecole Polytechnique + Ensae

Graduate Courses

Econometrics 1 - with Xavier d'Haultfoeuille, 2019-20
Microeconomics 1 - with Philippe Choné, 2019-20
Macroeconomics 1 - with Olivier Loisel, 2018-9

Undergraduate and Preparatory Courses

Principles of Economics - with Olivier Gossner and Jean-Baptiste Michau, 2020-21
Microeconomics - with Laurent Linnemer, 2019-20
Introudction to Programing and Statistics - with Marco Cuturi, 2018-9
Introudction to Microeconomics - with Thibaud Vergé, 2018-9

Université de Paris - Descartes

Undergraduate Courses

Quantitative tools for Economics and Management - 2017-8

Working Groups

Bi-monthly meetings consisting of the reading, presentation and discussion of research papers. Including work on practical replication of the results: codes, data ..
Below are my presentations: