Thomas Delemotte



I am a PhD Student and my Research lies on Economic Geography. Using both Theory and Empirics, I study Labor Markets and Firm Dynamics.

I conduct research on the spatial distribution of jobs and workers over time, with a focus on urban sprawl and gentrification. I also work on the political consequences of these evolutions: inequality and social discountent.


Geography of the Labor Market
Economic activity is highly unevently distributed accross space, as reflected in the inequalities between countries, the existence of cities as well as the concentration of jobs in business districts.
I co-autored a book that surveys the related literature and public policies of the past 50 years. I am curently working on a paper focusing on the role, and consequences, of commuting costs and congestion in shaping workers' urban sorting, such as the suburbanisation and gentrification. I summarize the main issues in a press article, Le Monde.

Global Income Dynamics
What is the nature of income inequality and Why is inequality rising in some countries and flat in others?
I am part of an international initiative that brings economists working on income dynamics with administraitve data from different countries (2nd Conference). For France, we use the INSEE match employer-employees datasets (DADS) to study the whole income distribution, over time and across space.

Gilets jaunes: Offline and Online
On the 17th of November 2018, the first demonsatrtion of the Gilets jaunes (Yellow vests) took place in France. Two characteristics of this movement are stricking: its highly decentralized origins and its use of social media.
I am part of a research project working on this topic. We brought together unique data to locate online activities (Facebook and Change) and offline demonstrations (road blockades) with fine-grained administrative data. We contribute both to the public debate (Le Monde, IPP) and academic research (CEPR, Revue Economique).

News - @thomasdelemott1 / scholar

01.25-29 - Winter School: Smart Specialisation, ERSA - European Commission;

11.19-20 - Conference: "Global Income Dynamics", FED Mineapolis (online);
11.04 - Op-ed: "Mass-Transit in French Cities", Le Monde;
07.16 - Column: Social movements and social networks, Blog IPP;
05.18 - Discussion paper: the Gilets jaunes: offline and online, CEPR;
04.16 - Webinar: the Gilets jaunes: offline and online, PSE;
03.01 - Manuscript: Geography of the Labor Market (book);
01.01 - Publication: the Gilets jaunes Movement, Revue Economique;

11.28 - Workshop: the Gilets jaunes in Politics, Sciences Po;
11.15 - Op-ed: "Between Facebook and the Round-About", Le Monde;
10.07 - Draft: Geography of the Labor Market (book);
08.30-31 - Conference: Global Income Dynamics, Stranford;
06.01-15 - Short Stay: Invited by Gabriel Ulyssea, University of Oxford;
04.17 - Policy Brief: on The Yellow Vest Movement in France, IPP;