Thomas Delemotte



I am an Economist and I conduct research in economic geography, labor market, and social movements.

I currently work for the French Government, at the Treasury, on Labor Market Reforms and Employment Policies.

I rely on both data and theory to study economic outcomes and spatial disparties.
My Ph.D thesis was on the Anatomy of the Suburban Metropolis.
On this website you will find more about my research and outreach.

New book : The Employment and the Territory.

L'Emploi et le Territoire


Geography of the Labor Market
Economic activity is highly unevently distributed accross space :
Why ? What impact on jobs and productivity ?

I co-autored a book of synthesis on the topic (video, slides), awarded best economic book prize by the Fench economic association (AFSE). I am curently working on the evolution of urban organisation : Where do the jobs and workers sort within cities ? I sum up the main issue in a press article, Le Monde.

Global Repository of Income Dynamics
Why is inequality rising in some countries and flat in others?
What is the impact of national policies on income dynamics?

I am part of an international research initiative on income dynamics (site, paper, spetial issue). For France, we use administrative data to study the whole income distribution, over time and across space, with a particular focus on the heterogeneous effect of national policies across genders and territories.

Social protests: the Gilets jaunes
The Gilets jaunes movement was unprecendented in France,
for its highly decentralized origins and its use of social media.

We brought together unique localized data on Blockades, Facebook groups and pages, signatures. We contribute both to the public debate (Le Monde, IPP) and academic research (CEPR, Revue Économique).

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